Fellowship Spells

Fellowship Spells

Fellowship spells are extremely a lighter type of affection spell, to assist make an association with a little magickal help.

You don’t see these kinds of spells as regularly yet they can be exceptionally useful, particularly in the event that you aren’t an especially social individual all alone.

A Find a Friend Charm

This is a little appeal pack you can convey when you’re in the market for another companion and plan to meet somebody you have something in the same manner as.

A square of white silk (like a hanky)

Pink yarn or strip

Three silver coins

Honeysuckle oil or aroma

Mint leaf (new, not dried)

The coins for this spell don’t need to be genuine silver either. Standard nickels or dimes would do.

Lay out the white fabric, and set the mint leaf in the inside. Rub a drop of oil on each coin, and set them on the mint leaf in a little heap. Crease the edges of the silk up and tie it with the yarn to make a little package.

Set it out in a windowsill overnight for 2 evenings. Doesn’t generally make a difference what the moon stage is for this spell. From that point forward, convey it with you when you go out.

Smooth the Waters

You can utilize this spell to help enhance or retouch a companionship that is experiencing a difficult time.

A substantial bowl (no plastic)

A sprinkling of salt

A sprinkling of rosemary

A key

Bit of string, about a foot long

Fill the bowl with water, and afterward include a squeeze of two of both salt and rosemary. Give it a mix with your finger to get the water undulating. Rehash the accompanying:

Quiet the waters with my companion,

I need our inconveniences to at long last end

While you watch the water, dangle the key over the surface and rehash the words until the point when the water is totally still.

Wear the key around your neck for 3 days, and attempt into settling what might not be right with your companionship. This spell will enable quiet any strain to directly down.