Love Spell Chants

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Love Spell Chants

Love spell serenades aren’t generally total spells alone, however a few arrangements of words you can utilize while making your very own little magick. You can utilize these little serenades with any of our adoration spells, or add them to spells of your own making.

By the power underneath or more,

I am asking you bring me cherish.

By this spell I have thrown,

I need an affection that will constantly last.

One, two, three, four

If you don’t mind demonstrate to me what’s in store

Five, six, seven, eight

Where’s the affection that is my destiny?

Shadow and light

Convey love to me

Shadow and light

What’s more, the energy of three

Light consume and fire become higher

May our enthusiasm burst into flames

Love and desire are entwined

This is the thing that I have to discover.

I likewise have one more broad love spell serenade on the general enchantment serenades page, alongside a couple of different serenades that could go for different purposes.

You can judge by the words that each of these affection spell serenades has a marginally extraordinary reason, however you can blend and match any serenade with any spell as you see fit. These are only some new and imaginative words for any affection magick.