Magic Love Spells

Magic Love Spells

I {avoid|may|no longer} usually say “magic love spells” when talking about witchcraft spells, but this is how many people refer to such {traditions|motions}, and I aim to please. {Can make it|Helps it be|Causes it to be} {much easier to|better to} find these pages. At any rate, here is my latest page of {means|periods} to help you with your love life.

{Rose|Dry} of Blooming {Like|Appreciate|Take pleasure in}

Support turn a friendship into something more, by {getting|taking} the blush of love {in to the|in the} relationship.

1 white {apparence|attitude|forme}
1 pink {attitude|aspect|allure}
1 red carnation
{Cup|A glass|Goblet} {classic vase|flower vase}
Red food {color|colouring|colour}
{Bit of|Part of|Item of} white paper
{Reddish|Reddish colored|Crimson} marker or pen
{Almost all|Most|Every} the carnations need to be fresh, and should get their stems {undamaged|unchanged|in one piece}. Fill the vase with water, through adding {several|six} drops of red food coloring.

Draw {a tiny} pentacle on {a lttle bit|somewhat} of paper (like the size of a stamp). Fold it up and drop it into the water. Snip about an inch off the bottom of each flower stem, and add to the vase.

{Replicate|Do it again|Duplicate} the following words:

{Red|Green|Lilac}, white and red
{Might|May possibly|May well} your heart be led
Take those blush of love
With power above.

Touch the centers of each flower with your right index finger. {After that|In that case|Then simply} repeat the words. Keep the vase and {floral|blossom|bloom} somewhere sunny, but not too hot. After several days, {you will notice|you will observe} the red dye progress into the flowers and {learn to|commence to} {trace|touch} them red. {It can be|It will probably be|Will probably be} most noticeable in the white flower.

Once the red dye has colored the petals of the white carnation, you should {cut-off|stop|shut down} {almost all of} the stem and carry the flower with you all day. {Preferably|Essentially|Ultimately}, the person you are targeting should see it.

Round the Rune

A pretty basic magic love spell to help bring someone new in your life, hopefully to bring you love and some happiness.

Several {bits of|items of|components of} rose quartz
A part of paper
A red candle
A long match (the fireplace kind)
{You’re looking for|You have to pick|You may have} at least 5 {bits of|items of|components of} quartz, but more {is much better|is way better|is more preferable}.

On a sheet of paper make {a group|a group of friends|a ring} with the pieces of quartz, adequate to have the candle holder in the center. In the center draw the wunjo rune. Set the {candlestick|candle light|wax luminous} up on the top of rune.

Light the match and while it is burning, trace around the circle slowly and say:

Rune and {around|through|round of golf}
Love be ‘bound
{Appeal to|Entice|Catch the attention of} to me
So {terme|divisa|sobrenombre} it be.

Trace the circle again, and only then do you light the candle. With the match still burning, now trace the circle a third time while {saying again|saying} the words. Now you can put out the match. Leave the {candlestick|candle light} to burn until it is completed though.