Voodoo love spells

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Voodoo attraction spells

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Voodoo lost love spells

Does your husband want to divorce you? Do you want to reunite with an ex husband or ex wife after divorce? Let me cast voodoo lost love spells to help you get back with your ex husband or ex wife.

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Get your ex back voodoo love spells

Get your ex back voodoo love spells

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Get your ex back voodoo love spells to make your ex lost lover fall back in love with you & come back permanently

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Lost love spells voodoo

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Lost love spells

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voodoo love spells


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Prayers For Successful Business

Prayers For Successful Business

*24. Of all the healers I have worked with, your work ethic and approach is really different and truly appreciated … Thank You for honoring your path, for you have touched our lives profoundly and given us (my daughter and I) an opportunity to establish a truly special mother-daughter relationship.

“Fellow Healer”

Dear Khan

*25. There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance.

From our very first session, I have experienced a profound difference in my life and have only grown as a person.

Losing my father so suddenly has been a challenge in every aspect. I had to grow up so fast and take responsibility for myself and actions. This has been a hurdle as I was very sheltered.

With your insight and wisdom, you have helped me cope and see the positive. I have learnt with your unwavering patience and understanding that life’s journey is about me. My perspective of the world and life is entirely up to me.

This I will be eternally grateful for, as since I have met you, I have had fortune and providence on my side.

May your life continue to be a blessing to others.

Thanking you with all of my heart!

Bhavika, Johannesburg


*26. Thank you from my soul for helping me place my life in perspective. I have always been spiritual and wondered why I was different from the rest of my family with the only person I could relate to being my late dad. My relationship with my mother was strained since I was a child. Nothing and nobody could ever explain the jealousy my mother and sister had for me other than to ask if I was adopted. I faced rejection from them even more so after my father’s death. My father and I shared the most special relationship. After he died, I did not have to pay to communicate with him because Psychics came up to me at weddings and airports to convey messages from him to me. He has always been with me but I was concerned that I was preventing him from crossing over.

Dr Khan helped me realize that he has crossed over and he helped me let go of him. I went through past life regression. Imagine coming face to face with ones soul, let alone going through a past life of more than 350 years ago. I realized that my dad was so special to me because his soul purpose was for me in this life and that explained the jealousy that my mother and sister had for me. I have let go of the baggage I was carrying around for more than 35 years and I have let go of my father as well, as difficult as it was. I had to, and I feel rejuvenated. I want my father’s soul to be liberated. I understand my mother’s jealousy and I feel for her.

I no longer seeking for answers because they come to me. An incident that happened years ago for which I could not find answers for then, the answer has come to me now. I had faced the most horrendous armed robbery with my family but because of my experience with Khan, I was able to handle the trauma by knowing that God was with us and he would take care of my loved ones for me. If I had not gone for the spiritual healing with Dr Khan, I would have questioned my faith in God, I would have been angry.

My relationship with the world has changed and I love myself. I am no longer angry with who I am because I now know my soul, the God within me!

Thank you Khan for being that special angel.

Love always



*27. Hi Dr Khan, the love and warmth of greeting make me feel right at home. The chatting and getting to know each other puts me at complete ease for whatever process we were doing that day. I feel extremely relaxed and calm going into the sessions, and you held a completely safe space for processing. Sessions are very calm even though its unknown – I’m not afraid and opened the door to receive my treatment.

Shamanic healings _ I can actually feel the energy shifting while you were working in me. And when you were finished I felt like a completely different person, for weeks with renewed energy, spunk a zest for life, all aches and pains have disappeared and I just feel wonderful!!

With each session the layers are being peeled off and fewer aches and pains remain

Happier in my own space and much more confident. Sleep much better too!

Most marvelous de-stressor and calmness comes over me for the next few weeks and I handle things much better – my coping mechanism and short fuse is gone!!

Thank you for all the help, advice, guidance, nurturing and love.

Karen, JHB


*28. Dr khan, I wanted to thank you so much for the distant Cord Cutting via Skype. I am doing soooo much better! Feeling myself, getting back to myself and to life, day by day more. In an instance during our session I felt a HUGE block of heaviness falling of me, like I could spread my wings again which have been tied up for years. What a relief! My ex and me have been so entangled and he took so much possession of me, not only in physical but most certainly in mental, emotional and of course in spiritual ways. I feel so freed.

After a week and a half or so, I, all of the sudden had the feeling that he on his side also let go of me completely. As if he got the message. Now he has left my life totally. Like he lives in another world which does not touch mine.

So many processes/shifts have been set into motion by the session you gave me. It’s wonderful! The relationship has been anything but benevolent and beneficial for me, but all those years I could not get out of it and now I am like a newly born. Thank you so much for helping me. Now I can start my life fresh again and GROW!


Utrecht, The Netherlands

Prayers For Successful Business




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