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testimonials*Dr. Khan.I can’t stop thanking you. I’m so proud of my marriage, I can’t imagine when I came to you within only 12 days my husband suggested a marriage, we’re now happily married with our first baby boy, thank you so much for your immediate concern in my life, I ever forget the day I visited your shrine
Ulanda Pinetown,  Testimonials

*.My boyfriend has changed completely and he now plans a marriage with me soon, thank you for your Love Spells you cast on my behalf,

.When I first came to your shrine I never believed that my life changed like you promised me, However since I came to you whatever I try coming my way, I no longer get the ugly dreams, I’m sure you still remember me

Jenny Klerksdorp,

*Dr. Khan, I want to thank you & the Spirits for all that you’ve done for me all these years. I’m thankful for all the time, money & effort you & the Spirits have put into my case. I will always be grateful.Sincerely, Jane, Chicago  Testimonials


*I now have my dream house and my right job which I asked you to help me with your Spell has changed my life and that’s why all my friends can’t stop asking me how I managed to get to a better life, all the girls are after me because of my status, I thank you so much with my knees on the ground,I will always praise your name
Donald Cape Town

*I’m writing to update you that all my contracts approved, I can’t believe after trying to win big contracts for almost 5 years it’s only you who made my request come true, I regret the time I spent with other traditional healers trying to help me get contracts.
Richards Rustenburg Testimonials

*Your Protection Spells  good, my Businesses, Home, Myself I feel relieved after being attacked by thieves in the last 10 years stealing from me, it’s now 2years since I got your protection spell and since then no robbers/thieves ever attacked me,
Vuyiswa Kimberley Testimonials


*The sale of my business was a success, I thank you again for your customer attractions spell, many investors contacted me to buy my property and I sold it at a very good price and in the shortest time as you promised me,
Morgan Pretoria Testimonials

*I now have the love of my life, after different men lying to me for a long time you have led me to my soul mate, I feel comfortable and is now settled with the love of my life
Nonkululeko Rosebank

*The sale of my business became a SUCCESS and at a very good price, I advertised the sale of my business for over 6 months but no response from buyers, on 3-01-2013 I visited Dr. Khan’s shrine to ask for his helping in selling my business, as soon as I left his shrine I got endless calls from interested buyers and they started competing among themselves so that one of them win to buy the business, within one week the business sold and the buyer paid me in full, Thank you so much my doctor, you’re better than all in my life Doreen Rustenburg. Testimonials


*SA so grateful, through the powerful money spell I purchased from you last week I’M able to apply for a loan from the bank for both to start my own business and also to buy my family a house, I can’t imagine yesterday I received a call from the bank notifying me that my loan on R4.2million approved, I don’t know how to thank you but your powers beyond human imagination. Cathy Centurion Testimonials

*Your protection spells played a great part in my life. Now I feel so secure and confident. My farms, home, cars, and business. I’m so sure that they safe. Because it’s now coming to 3 years since I contacted you. And no robbery since then done to my home. Not even my luxury cars. I now drive through any area at any time. Thanks for all your time and efforts put into my work. I’m so great and proud of you. Rosebank Testimonials

*I highly recommend Dr. Khan to you for whatever problems you are experiencing whether is love, money or psychic powers. He is the real deal.Kim, Tokyo Testimonials

*Dr. Khan Thank you so much for the Money Tree. On 2 January, I received my Money Tree and Sunday I went to the casino with $80. At first, I lost almost everything. And with my last coins, I won $400, $100, $100. And the next weekend I also won $400 more. Thank you for your help!  Testimonials



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